The cultural organization of taste

In the current years it is being observed, the emergence of a new movement of thought and action with reference to the authentic taste. With the festival “Gastronomy Days” we want to highlight the most representative themes of Greek and International culinary scenery. We have decided to make this event happen at one of the most important museum in Athens, the Benaki Museum.

“Gastronomy Days”. A collaborative effort of people and cultural institutions of flavors which with the initiative of the organization, ReasonTo, created a modern, open and pluralistic narrative platform and promotion of modern gastronomy and a standard corner assembly, cooperation and networking stakeholders, networks and communities of modern gastronomic culture.

With your presence and participation, the “Gastronomy Days”, the harvest of inspirational flavor stories and culture consolidated and evolved into an annual institutional meeting.

With tastings, presentations, discussions and state of the art workshops and seminars. With producer reports show us the leading products with designation of origin and identity, with events dedicated to the arte de latable, the design and foodstyling & photography and interaction programs of the leading communities of taste. With experiential and educational workshops and programs for children and parents.

With an international feature program and short fiction films screenings, documentaries, animation and experimental from different countries and world premieres of movies of the big screen, at the International Film Festival of Gastronomy in Athens.