The annual event of Honored Gastronomy Destination is an important acquis of the “Gastronomy Days” and is a model example of how collaboration of local authorities, people and communities may evolve into a useful opportunity for strengthening regional development. The goal of “Gastronomy Days” Festival is the promotion of the culinary culture of a different region every year, by providing a wide range of possibilities of representation, promotion and participation in events, networking and collaborations with third parties. In this sense, the institution of Honored Gastronomy Destination constitutes a crucial initiative in the framework of “Gastronomy Days” Festival.

“Gastronomy Days” is the only Festival in Greece which provides multifaceted promotion and representation of a local gastronomic destination through a number of events and activities.

Peloponnese Honored Gastronomic Destination 2015

For another year, a fascinating journey in leading gastronomic destinations begins. In this year’s event, we chose the Peloponnese as Honoured Gastronomic Destination 2015. This fascinating place of flavors, cultural and amazing sceneries is the symbol of Greek gastronomy. For the first time, in collaboration with the Region of Peloponnese, will be presented in May for the population of Greece and foreign visitors to the Benaki Museum, a representative program of flavors and culture of Peloponnese with the participation of dozens of people and promotion agencies of taste, of culture and innovation in the region.

The main goal of the event is the promotion of the culinary physiognomy and the fascinating culture of the Peloponnese flavors oriented with the ankle of the culinary tradition of the region and the dynamics of creative cuisine which combines the cosmopolitan character of popular tourist destinations worldwide, authentic local products and recipes.

The  tribute  in  Peloponnese at the “Gastronomy Days” , is flanked by an various events such as wine tasting, live cooking sessions by famous chefs, producers exhibitions, themed events for communities of taste, art exhibitions, initiatives and innovative business ideas, exciting gastronomic routes Tourism successful synergy models, networking and export, discussions and lectures on the dialectical relationship between gastronomy and art presentations arte de latable, foodstyling & photography, art exhibitions, educational activities such as masterclasses and workshops, musical theme nights and mixology – cocktailpartynights by award-winning bar-chefs, presentation of inventive cooking recipes inspired culinary tradition of the Peloponnese, etc.