Artwork Gastronomy Days 2015

Food styling: Marko Rossi
Photography: Danai Issaris
Graphics & Layout: Fiftyeggz


The Inspiration.

The creative concept of “ Gastronomy Days 2015” was conceived and inspired by Marko Rossi and Danae Isari. The original styling and photography created with different materials and real Greek products inspired by the Peloponnese, the honored gastronomic destination for 2015.

A composition of nice materials!

“The thing that suited the most was the feeling of the Mediterranean diet, as the Peloponnese not only produces olive oil, oranges and onions but as a place has to offer much more. The fish symbolizes the sea, clay bowls symbolizes the earth and the stone from which all the old houses are built, and the pork steak symbolizes the edible fauna of the Peloponnese. Similarly, the green beans and artichokes shows that the land is fertile, which has the power to cultivate vegetables, spices, herbs and of course on the seashore every year you can find the fabulous and wild asparagus. The black bread makes us think mill and fresh oil. Automatically next to the image of fresh bread, we reach the taste of fresh cheese. We wanted to combine the modern with the old and that is why we cooked fresh eggs from Laconia. Vatika  are famous for their onions and Laconia for their oranges. Personally in my own childhood memories, the honey from the village plays an important role at the breakfast table and therefore we chose the honeycomb. Finally, the camera connects the destination and the journey to the lands of Peloponnese with the flavors of each region and of course refers to the film and that will be projected at “Gastronomy Days”

Marko Rossi / Danai Isari

 The idea.

The creative team Fiftyeggz has created the logo “Gastronomy Days”, which has as its symbol barley, which is a different approach of the ideogram of Linear B. The materials of the shooting from Peloponnese, were used to form the barley, the symbol of :gastronomy Days”. This peculiar collage of materials and products, symbolizes the connection with the event of the honoured destination. The incorporation of materials gives a different status to the symbol of barley and animates every part of its surface in a special way.