Our company TRAMPAS Av. & CO LP does business in the Arcadia region and specifically in  Steno Tripoleos.

The operation with the present form is a continuation of our family long process at the production site, processing and marketing of agricultural products.

It is housed in modern facilities and the company distributes many products produced in our region.

The product that we will present in the exhibition is FRESH GARLIC IN BRINE, for the production of which used only natural ingredients without preservatives with the traditional grandmother’s recipe with which we will present an excellent flavor to the public.

We would like to emphasize on the fact that our company curates all the seed stages, cultivation and production of the garlic and can vouch for the authentic flavor.

This product (Tripoli’s Garlic) through analyzes that have been done, it has been found that it is superior to a significant percentage compared with other regions essentially because of a substance called allisini. A broad spectrum antimicrobial substance with characteristics likely to control high blood pressure reduces high cholesterol and also has some particular antioxidant abilities that strengthen and fortify the body.