Have you tried JSP ;


When in China 1850 began to sign labor contracts in Macau with Peru, a migratory wave of Chinese fled to the other end of the earth, carrying with and nutritional culture. Those who were after the eight years of the contract, they created their own small restaurants, cooking a mixture of Sino-Peruvian cuisine. To first chifa (which means I eat and chi fa rice) restaurant opened in 1920 and feature of this kitchen was quick cooking and wok over high heat.

Since 1897 the history of immigration to Peru were added and the Japanese. The nikkei-term characterizes the Japanese-migrant in the footsteps of the Chinese created their new home a new kitchen, a mix of Peruvian-Japanese flavor.

The moment of total globalization, when technology transforms the planet in a neighborhood, a momentary trip, the taste can no longer be introverted. The biography of Dimitris Katrivesis, which has already completed a global culinary school in the cuisines of Japan, China, Spain, England, Russia and Helsinki, it knows well. The taste of tomorrow can only have a personal stamp. Made from loans, antidaneia, travel, materials from the markets of the World. A fusion dialogue between History, the Now and Then.

This year in Cinco launches a new experience in JSP (Japan, Spain, Perou) path of his own kitchen. Next stop, the G, from Greece. On the journey expected excellent local products, in fusion pot does not exclude anything, which leaves open the joy of taste in the meetings of a kitchen that changes, transforms and evolves daily.