Educational LeMonde Group offers exclusive courses specialized in tourism, hotel and catering trades.

The curricula of basic disciplines provided by the IEK LE MONDE is recognized by the Ministry of Education, accredited by the World Tourism Organization and cover all subjects in tourism (food, dessert, wine, cocktails, hotel and tourist services). Rightly, then, the graduates of the Training Group LE MONDE is distinguished in the consciousness of tourism professionals.


The specialties of IEK LE MONDE leading to specialization degree is:


Hotel Management
Tourism Technical Units and Business Hosting


Tourism Management

Executive Management and Economics in Tourism



Technical Culinary Arts Chef


Pastry Chef

Technical Bakery Confectionery


Besides the standard courses offered at the Centre for Lifelong Learning LE MONDE the following educational programs:


Retraining in High Gastronomy (for professional cooks and schools graduates)
Retraining the Confectionery & Bakery (for professionals and graduate schools)
Professional Programs Specialization:
Bar & Restaurant Management
Restaurant Operation Management
Sommelier – Sommeliers
Barista & Coffee Expert
Intensive cooking programs and confectionery for amateurs


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